Supply Record

Supply Record

Supply Record


Metro(Subway) Project

Cable Tunnel Project

Sewer pipe/water pipe/agricultural water pipe Construction

Road Construction

Major Clients
Project Country Contractor Year
DTSS Phase2: T08 Singapore PO&KB JV 2018-2021
DTSS Phase2: T10 Singapore Nishimatsu 2018-2022
DTSS Phase2: T11 Singapore Shanghai Tunnel ENG 2019-2022
MRT CCL#6: C882 Singapore CSCE-Nishimatsu JV 2019-2021
MRT CCL#6: C885 Singapore China Railway 2019-2021
Changi Airport Inter Terminal Singapore Obayashi 2022-
TWRP (Tuas Water Reclamation Plant) Singapore Shanghai Tunnel ENG 2022-
MRT CRL#1: CR105 Singapore Taisei-CSCE JV 2022-
MRT T216 Singapore Daewoo 2018-2019
MRT T305 Singapore Shanghai Tunnel ENG 2017-2018
MRT T310 Singapore WHO HUP STEC JV 2017-2018
MRT T225 Singapore Shanghai Tunnel ENG 2017-2018
MRT T227 Singapore Sinohydro Co 2017
MRT T217 Singapore Sinohydro Co 2016-2018
Marine Parade St. and Tunnels T307 Singapore Samsung/Dongah 2019
DTL Stage2 C#923 Singapore Samsung/Sambo 2013-2015
DTL Stage3 C#937 Singapore GS/Dongah 2012-2015
STEP Deep Tunnel Sewer C#T-01 UAE Samsung/Dongah 2012-2013
DTL Stage2 C#913 Singapore GS/Dongah 2010-2013
Stamford Diversion Canel C#2 Singapore Tiong Seng Con 2016-2017
Thomson East Coast Line T212 Singapore Sato Kogyo PTE 2016-2018
Manjung-5 Fast Track 3A Power Plant-Cooling Water Tunnel Malaysia Daelim/Dongah 2014-2016
Cable Transmission Tunnel NS2 Singapore SK/Dongah 2013-2016
Cable Tunnel Contract EW2 Singapore SK E&C 2010-2016
Cable Transmission Tunnel NS1 Singapore Samsung/Dongah 2013-2016
Doha North Sewerage Treatment CP 682/3 Qatar ULTRA CON/Dongah 2008-2011
Marine Parade St. and Tunnels T307 Singapore Samsung/Dongah 2019
Kandy city waste water management project Sri Lanka Kolong Global 2017-2018

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